The Story


An espresso, now, at the junction of the roads Old Patras Germanos and Pavlos Melas, how much you wanted it! A fifteen-minute break in Local Thessaloniki, holy bread in a loaded daily schedule. In the evening you will dine at Local’s restaurant. You made a reservation of a rotonda for the companion you haven’t met for a long time. A friend passes by as well as a girl you had met here a long time ago. Among a cocktail of drinks and musicians, you order a take away chocolate. You Smile. In the back, a couple has a discussion about work. Outside, a girl in her bike stands and winks at you conspiringly. She is greeting the owner.

As if there are affinity threads in this corner of the city, you consider. Energy, oxygen and air that connects people directly but politely.

Something went definitely well since the birth of this neighborhood. It might be the discs that go and come with aromas and flavors for half a century now, or the trees planted by the original owner; access codes in the timeless beauty and history of a city illuminated by those who take care of it. So is Local, it interrupts time, it unites Thessaloniki. Welcome!

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